The Downside of Facebook Posts

     Social media can be a special thing.  We get to keep up with friends and family who we may not see that often. We can share news about our lives that we want others to know.  All good, huh?


     Perhaps I am unique, but I don’t always come away from reading friends’ Facebook postings feeling good.  To be totally honest, there are times I am resentful that I’m not enjoying the fine restaurants, taking the extraordinary vacations, driving the head-turning car, and seeing my books on the best seller list.  I’ve worked hard, paid my dues.  I deserve it….probably more than those doing the posting.

     After feeling the negative feelings that cause the resentment, I then feel badly about being resentful.  I have much to be thankful for.  I’m not struggling or suffering.  I’ve got a decent life.  How dare I feel resentment!

     Well, recent research informs us that resentment is not all that bad.  It can boost our self-esteem .  And, we can do something about it so that we’re not stuck in that feeling.  For instance, researchers found that happiness is more likely to arise from having strong relationships rather than money or fame.  In addition, we have the power to choose to be happy rather than wallow in resentment and negative feelings.  By reframing our perspective so that we see the value in the lives we have, we can have happier and more satisfied lives.

     And so when I see the postings of my Facebook friends displaying their latest vacations or newly decorated homes, I’m going to take a deep breath and repeat the mantra “I’m better off because I’ve got good health and a great guy to share evenings with, in my humble surroundings”.  We’ll see if it does the trick!